5 Years of Blogging &Learning!

It’s like those little achievements and joys that none can understand on your behalf but sometimes you gotta get that pie and celebrate with yourself. Sometimes, it is not just about arriving but also celebrating the road even if it doesn’t account for too much.

It isn’t just tough but finding your path is also a slightly draining process and a lonely road sometimes. On days, I don’t know how to configure my thoughts, I return to my blogs for chance to fumble upon pieces to re-explore those moments of creativity and courage savoured by my most loyal pen.

I have left and returned a million times over but writing has completed my soul in ways I never thought was possible. I found my calling to be bigger than this but writing would always remain my love. My humble journey with WordPress showed me that writing indeed was my gift that deserved some efforts and nurturing.

All these milestones that show up on the app sometimes may hold no resonance but reminds me how far I have come from where I had begun. It inspires me to stay on board forever even if I am hardly on the radar for months sometimes.

Many ask me how I can write well. The most honest answer really is, “I don’t know!” I love some of my works but have also learnt to live with the bullshit that I write sometimes. In the past five years, I have just learned to let it flow; pen holds your hand and teaches you on its own.

I have poured my heart when I found new friends, wanted to celebrate my bonds and even when I felt angry or heartbroken beyond words.

I found my first real readers on this space even before I learnt to write and even if it is just one like on a post, it remains equally valuable and special for me.

For some weird reason, I can never manage to bring my professional writer in here as it remains a space reserved for my heart, A space that remains pure from the obligations of cash. Even if no one would read my blog, I think I would still come back to pour my heart.

PS – A big thank you, lots of love and appreciation for all those who had been taking the time and supporting this amateur. 🌺❣️❣️❣️❣️

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