About Me

I am an ordinary girl who was born with a desire not to die ordinary. I exist for three primary reasons, First one being to enjoy Life and experience everything that it has to offer and has in store for me. Secondly to make my Loved ones, especially Mom and Bro happy and proud and the third one and the most important thing is to make a difference. Not everyone is meant to change the world but all of us can do our part and make a difference and that is what my dearest Pen helps me achieve. I have always felt that Writing provides meaning to my life, if anything truly does. It obviously feels good when someone likes and appreciates my work but when it inspires someone or bring a smile on their faces, the happiness and joy that it gives is completely unexplainable. 

My Pen gives me a medium to express my emotions, my views and my ideas and having a blog has given me a platform to give a voice to them all. If you are creative and you like to read Poetry, some inspirational, meaningful and interesting stuff then please go ahead my Blog is for you. But in case, you don’t, at least have a look, no harm, hopefully, it will have a bit of something for you too.

Have a great time reading……