When hands cannot stop moving

The best thing for a writer is when he can write endlessly and hands just don’t want to stop. That’s heaven for us and something most can not understand.


An Evening Walk

I cannot be rude
To The inviting roads
How can I say no
To a midnight walk

Those nice street lights
On interesting roads
The strange faces
And a peaceful walk

What I described above
Is my little version of
A perfect plan
When you have no plans

You see That stone
Its a nice little seat
The river behind
Is like cherry on cake

I had just began to stare
I was thinking to sit and stay
The words had just began to flow
The poem had began to form

But damn it was cold
So I decided to keep moving
To stay a little warm
To Explore the road a little more.

Still an hour left before
They will close the doors
It suggests another turn
I can quietly look around

So here I leave you
With a half down piece
But before I leave
I wanted to let you know

If you are just like me
And Feeling stressed
You can give me a call
We can go on a walk

But once I am already set
For a night alone
Your company and presence
Is not needed anymore

Simple Joys of Life

A few simple things are always my favorite. I can choose them over a lot of big things in my life….

1) Reading a novel
2) Talking to the four of them
(my besties and my best friend)
3) Calling up mom and sharing those tiny
4) Waking up in the middle of night just to
write something
5) Preparing that cup of tea or coffee for
myself in the Middle of the night
6)Those evening walks and sunsets
7) Sleeping with a pen and paper in my

A new city every year just a dozen simple things things like this and trust me I have no plans to do anything important in my life.