Chaos and Confusion

There are days when I have no idea why I am doing it and what I wanna do with my Life. But eventually that’s what helps me figure it all out for myself. Sometimes not only others but even I think I am taking things too seriously so I just relax and forget. But there is one thing I definitely know I cann’t live without a dream, I cann’t survive without an Aimbition and more than that I believe my Life is meaningless without a Passion.

But I feel sometimes you need to be confused so that you can explore. You need to create a mess to realise if it still matters. Sometimes you need to get things the hard way so that you know you can make it.

I still wonder sometimes if I really want to be a Journalist and if I can really be a good one. Sometines I feel so sure about it but somedays I am not so sure about it. But one thing that is consistent is I still dream of being a Novelist.
I believe these confusions too are a part of my journey……

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Making Friends…

I like
New faces

I enjoy
New people

I love
New friends

But there is
In meeting Old friends

I am not known
Keep in touch

But when I miss people
Never shed trees

I simply Call them up
Leave them a text

I like the fact
People come and go

But a few are
Meant to stay

Some appreciate for the good
Some criticise for the flaws

I acknowlede the former
Respect the latter’s opinions

There are a selected few
Love me with my flaws

They are the ones
Stay in my heart

They care even
No one does

They stay even
You mess up bad

They are the few
Count on

They are definitely the people
Want to keep in my Life forever

They are simply a few constants
An equation full of variables

It’s your story dear

You can not control everyone’s life but there is only one that you can control and that is your own Life. You are the writer of your own story so make it the best one possible.

A friend used to say no matter what you do, no matter how hard you try Vaishnavi there will always be someone who is going to get hurt. You just cann’t make everyone happy. So do things the way you want to do and atleast make yourself happy.
Whenever I used to say I want to prove myself she used to simply ask “Who do you want to prove yourself to?”. The only thing I learnt is you are here to follow your heart and chase your dreams not for others’ wishes or expectations. 

Do whatever works for you, whatever makes you happy. It’s your story dear write it just the way you want.
Stay Blessed. 
Stay Happy.


When we are angry we may blurt out sometimes things that we don’t even mean, but the moment you calm down is when you realize your being stupid and immediately regret it.

But sometimes being angry is ok. Anger is just another human emotion and it needs to get out, it requires to be felt and expressed. Its normal but just make sure you don’t say anything in that moment that you may regret for the rest of your Life.

Remember, we take all our anger out on some people not because we could not control it but rather for the reason we can blurt it out, because we knew they will tolerate it. 

That’s something I learnt last year in one of the SPRINT sessions with Anu Malhotra Ma’am, the proud writer of Mission2Be.


There is definitely something about Mystery that we Humans love…. Mysteries, Thrillers, Mysterious Places, Mystery Novels, Mysterious characters and Mysterious People we Humans can love Mystery in all its possible forms…..We may like to read open books and straight forward people but mysterious puzzles are what we find irrestible……. #MysteryLove #RandomMorningThoughts