Children’s Day

Children’s day isn’t only for the kids, its for the grown ups to keep their childhood alive in their heart while assuring every child gets his fair share of childhood. #happychildrensday

To the good old days of 2017

Dedicated to the place that made me fall in love with places –

I lacked the courage to drop out
But yes, I so needed a break

I set out for a little adventure
In the name of exchange

I fall in love with the vibes
The very first day we arrived

Its not just about the places
But the faces you come across

In a world full of strangers
You could just talk and move on

But a few would became friends
The ones who made it feel like home

A foreign land I came to explore
Introduced me to the self I never knew

Even return trip home brought tears
As heart didn’t wish to bid goodbyes

‘U’ is you in ‘I❤U’

The pain just went away
That was meant to stay

Then, you yourself went away
Like you were never meant to stay

You just couldn’t see
And I just couldn’t say

You weren’t like the rest
I could trust, not test

But for the little we had
Yes, offcourse, it stayed

Even, the world could see
But we could not agree

I just went away, I drifted apart
And just like him, you couldn’t part

Miles away or just next door
It matters to me not anymore

You won’t knock and I won’t wait
But another crossroad I still await

All the while I sent across
What’s meant to be just yours

But offcourse, you don’t know
That ‘u’ is you in my ‘I❤U’ 😉


Pic Credit – Wikimedia Commons

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As #MeToo reaches home

Most don’t seem shocked

We have known over years

How these industries operate

Some of the facts were known

But few names were still admired

As I see Twitter, I am left wandering

I know its just the tip of an iceberg

They have just begun to say

What about the silent sufferers

Has there been a single woman;

Who felt safe all these years?

It reminds me of her words

It doesn’t matter where you are

Taking precautions is a must

Not expecting from men is a given

People believe we seek attention

These days we prefer ignorance

I know not everyone is the same

But how many are different I wander

Women fought battles to dream

Now a war awaits before we achieve

Predators await in the workplace

But abuse might start at home

If fathers cannot be trusted

Where should a daughter go

Navratri are again approaching

Please don’t bother for Kanjaka

Learn to treat her with respect

She can do without your Pooja

Guiding Stars

When your life is messed up

Its all chaos and confusion

Just having the right people

Can make all the difference

I don’t know where my life is heading

But I guess I will be ok in the end

Sometimes having their guidance

Might not show you the entire path

But the guiding light is enough

To atleast take your next few steps

Being unsure of destiny is scary

But I draw courage from your faith

Its still a long way to go

But, I must prove my metal

Being your student was luck

Being your pride is a dream